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"We love Zumba with Eartha! Her enthusiasm is contagious and the workout is excellent. No one ever feels like an idiot for not being able to keep up-the emphasis is on fitness and fun...." Kathy S.


Wow, just can't say enough about Eartha and Steve! They are the most amazing, caring fitness instructors I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

I have terrible knees and the padded floor in their (ultra clean & modern studio) is a lifesaver. They have the best Zumba classes ever because of Eartha's infectious energy! I have lost over 50 lbs. (some before Zumba, some after) and I look forward to my classes there. They have helped me really learn about fitness

and truly enjoy it. I have never felt so inspired to keep up the work, but Zumba makes it easy to enjoy!

Do yourself a favor and take the 30 days free Zumba classes (to locals) and make that healthy commitment today!  I promise, you will love it!

                                   -Kimberly B.


"Six months ago, I found the holy grail of all workouts: Zumba Fitness with Eartha. Everybody needs an Eartha in their lives: she is a sweet and giving person with a positive, can-do attitude. And, she's an expert at mixing up a good sweaty workout with global dance styles (salsa, Bollywood, hip-hop). She'll have you shimmying in no time!.."
Anel I.

I LOVE ZUMBA with Eartha!  This is  great place to work out!

                                   -Lisa R.




BEST Place EVER FOR Zumba;) Eartha Rocks THE HOUSE!!!

                                                 -Kangen K.


"I've tried many Zumba classes in the Valley  and Eartha's is DEFINITELY the most energetic and fun.  She is such a great dancer and her positive attitude and smiling face just makes you want to dance.  Also, no pressure from her.... just have fun!  Great class..."
Bonnie B.


This place does everything right!  From the moment you walk through the door, you get a warm, professional and genuine experience.  I am not a fan of fitness classes but I really have enjoyed attending Zumba there.  There are people of all ages, body types and fitness levels but no one seems to feel out of place.  The instructors are always smiling and couldn't be more friendly.  As a heavy person, it was really encouraging to see the posters at the front door showing the before and after pictures of folks who had lost significant weight.  If you're thinking about trying Zumba, look no further.

                                  -Joanie P.